Fitness Update

A fitness journey isn't always smooth sailing in the positive direction. I fell off my good habits for about 6 months, but most importantly, I've been back on for 3, and am closer to my goal body than I ever was.

Since my last “fitness” posts (see this one or this one), my body has gone through a JOURNEY.

And by that I mean I was stress eating a lot and put on 15 lbs. I was also in a downward spiral in maintaining working out due to poor scheduling and lack of discipline. At my worst, I went a month and a half without putting on my running shoes or stepping foot in a gym, and was eating fast food and plate lunches more than once a week. None of my clothes were fitting. I had the same outfits in a cycle every week, wearing lose fitting tops to hide my gut.

My self-esteem was dropping since I wasn’t fitting in my clothes like I used to. I would take pictures and never post them, ashamed with how I gained weight I work hard to get rid of. I knew I didn’t want to by new, bigger clothes, so I managed to disguise that added weight.

..but then it hit me. I’d been here before. I HATED being here. So it was time to get myself all the way together before I’d end up repeating my entire fitness journey to date.

I like keeping a couple articles of clothing to remind me of just how far I’ve come. (5/5/2019)

It’s been over two month since I unearthed myself from “the funk” and I am in full self-celebration mode. Getting out of that funk wasn’t easy. It took a lot of mental health checks, self care, and self development to get back into it.

I started by thinking of all the reasons (ahem…excuses..) as to how I got down in the funk:

  1. I’d overloaded my schedule by being unrealistic with time management, so my fitness goals fell in dead last every week.
  2. I was so focused on reaching certain goals that I forgot to check on my well being, both mentally and psychically.
  3. I was not setting myself up for success by planing workouts and making healthy eating choices.

Then, one by one, I made a plan on how I’d demolish those issues:

  1. Instead of overloading my schedule, I’m now doing less but being more productive. By tiding up my plate a bit, I’m able to give more undivided attention to different tasks, and making working out for at least 30 minutes 5 days a week a priority.
  2. Instead of allowing tunnel vision to get the best of me, I now plan self care days throughout the month (even it it’s only two days). This helps me stay at my best so I can give my all and perform my best.
  3. I’m now setting myself up for success by practicing self discipline and better planning. When I don’t want to do something most is when I have to do it the most. I get up and meal prep when I’m “tired”, reminding myself that the nap won’t be worth the risk of eating bad later on in the week. If I’m feeling uninspired to work out, I make sure to head to the gym so I’m around other people working hard, and am usually feeling super inspired to come back the next day and work harder.

All that being said, since I’ve muddled through the funk and am back at it, I’m now 7 lbs down, with 8 lbs more to go in order to reach my pre-funk weight.

However, I’m doing things a little differently now by making sure I’m also gaining muscle as I lose fat.

I want to have a BAWDY, you feel me? I don’t just want to be “skinny”. So far, I think I’m doing a great job at reaching my goal. While my weight may be heavier than before, I feel like my profile is more fit than ever.


I’ve been putting one foot in front of the other, mile after mile. I’ve been eating primarily fruits and veggies, and making healthier choices when dining out. I’ve been taking time to meditate, even if its just 10 minutes sitting in my car. Most of all, I’m just happy to be back in Warrior Mode, making the best of every day, and making my fitness a priority.

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More details to come about my fitness journey. Leave me comments about what you’d really love to know about my fitness journey! If anything can help you be a better you, I’ll blog all about it!

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