It’s Not Too Late to Get Your Goals Organized for 2019

We're just 10 days into the new year. There's always time to sit down and have a goal date with yourself. Here's a peek at how I keep my goals in check and organized!

At the beginning of every year there’s always talk about new year resolutions, ambitions, goals, etc. I personally like to keep most of my goals private (Wayne did say move in silence like lasagna), but I do want to share with you how I set and organize my goals.

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I start with my Top 10 for the Year:

Once I have a solid Top 10, I break them down into quarters of the year, of course beginning with quarter one:

Per each quarter, I get more specific than a general list like I do for the year. Instead, I list my goals in three categories:

Whatever goals I list under each category must correlate in some way with those on my Top 10 for the Year list. Those are, after all, the top goals of the year.

I won’t start my 2nd quarter goals until mid-March. That gives me time to really work hard on my 1st quarter goals, and also time to analyze how well I did and consider re-listing any goals I may have fallen short of reaching.


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After my quarter goals are listed, I break them down even further per each month. This is when taking time to carefully plan realistic goals and milestones come into play. I look at it in pieces:

  1. Re-read my quarter goals.
  2. Pick which goals I’d like to conquer, or which ones I can tackle a piece of the first month of the quarter.

Monthly goals are the most detailed goals in my journal. In a way, they are the “how-to” goals/milestones of the overall quarter goal and, full circle. A Top 10 Goal for the Year.

My monthly goals are broken down like this:

It may seem like a bit much, but I see it as a personalized guide to success. If I’m even able to check of half the list, I know I’m moving in the right direction.

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Do you organize your goals in a similar way? Or do you prefer only one list of New Year Resolutions? Let’s talk about it!cropped-shalins-10-cents4.png

Cheers to a year of Goal Reaching!

Love Shalin

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