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Local Eats, Lake Charles, LA: Sloppy’s Downtown – Serving The Chuck Something Unique Every Day of the Week!

Sloppy’s Downtown opened its doors in January of 2017, serving up delicious fusion street foods within a space that boasts an awesome eclectic vibe. From food to live music, and from games to dancing, this local establishment has it all.

As of May 11, 2018, Sloppy’s Downtown is temporarily closed. See message below from the Sloppy’s Downtown family:

Sloppys Downtown Is Temporarily Closed.JPG

The Sloppy Taco and Sloppy’s Downtown are co-owned by husband and wife Brett & Amanda Stutes, and brother Derek Stutes.

“The Stutes family created The Sloppy Taco food truck in May of 2015 with globally-inspired tacos. Together they have established a new and exciting dining experience for the folks of SWLA. Sloppy’s Downtown is bringing all of their dreams to fruition in their hometown of  Charles.” –

In January of 2016, The Sloppy Taco opened a brick and mortar establishment to support the food truck. When the building that currently houses Sloppy’s Downtown went up for sale, the original plan was to relocate Sloppy Taco, but due to unforeseen circumstances, the Stutes’ couldn’t do that. They had to decide between not using the fabulous space or making it something cool. Thankfully they decided to press on and make it into another fabulous establishment in downtown Lake Charles.

“We had to make a choice between not using the space, or making it into something really cool.” – Amanda Stutes

Sloppy's Downtown 1

Sloppy’s Downtown opened its doors in January of 2017, serving up delicious fusion street foods within a space that boasts an awesome eclectic vibe. From food to live music, and from games to dancing, this local establishment has it all.


Sloppy’s Downtown serves up an eclectic variety of foods, with special menu items changing weekly. On any day of the week, you can treat yo’self to some awesome hand-tossed pizza, craft cocktails, and global street food.


One of my favorite main-stays on the menu is Arepas. This dish has varying flavors that unite in a delicious bite. The house fries that come with it are…dare I say…my favorite in SWLA?! There’s just something about the perfectly blended sweet and salty seasoning that blesses these house-cut fries that is EVERYTHING. My taste buds are happy every.single.time!

Arepas, Sloppy's Downtown
Arepas: pan-fried white corn pocket stuffed with braised pork, queso fresco, white onion and tomato, then topped with aji sauce and cilantro, served with house fries

“A lady named Karen that’s from Venezuela showed up at The Sloppy Taco one day and was buying a lot of sauce. She said “I want a quart of your remoulade”, and I just had to know what she was doing with all this sauce. She said she was going home to her family and they do this big family tradition, sort of how we may do tamales or something, but instead they were making arepas. I [asked] if she could teach me, and she came back a couple of weeks later and taught us how to make arepas. Then she came in [to Sloppy’s Downtown] and had one, and said it’s the best arepa she’d ever eaten.” – Amanda Stutes


The pizza is also it’s own form of badassery. The pizza is hand tossed, and the toppings are excellent. My favorite is the Sloppy’s Special, which is a hand tossed pizza topped with braised pork, grilled shrimp, grilled steak, pickled jalapenos, purple onions and cheese, and house-made remoulade drizzle. Now if that sounds too adventurous for you, their takes on classics such as pepperoni or margherita pizza are just as good.

You should try the pizza if not for the crust alone. Mr. Patrick is the mastermind behind all things involving dough at Sloppy’s Downtown.

Mr. Patrick Sloppy's Downtown
Mr. Patrick: Sloppy’s Downtown bread specialist.


Throughout the week, daily specials are offered. I’m always excited to try Wednesday’s surprise special, and to devour Friday’s ramen!

The surprise specials are always a seasonal dish that the chef puts a creative spin on. For example, Bret recently whipped up a hearty cold weather dish of chicken and dumplings. Unlike the traditional dish, whole chicken wings were smothered down along with homemade dumplings.

The surprise special I most recently had was Asian seared scallops served on a bed of kale, with a beet and goat cheese arugula salad. The scallops were super fresh and perfectly cooked. I’ve also never enjoyed beets outside of them being freshly pressed for a juice, but the salad got me hooked on eating them as is!


The ramen is also an awesome (and addictive) treat. The broth is full of flavor, and I love the creaminess the avocado adds to the dish. You can dress it up any way you like as well! I like to get mine with a side of siracha and a lime wedge.


The daily special that is by far my favorite, however, is Saturday Zydeco Brunch. As of now, Sloppy’s Downtown is the only local establishment serving up Saturday brunch to The Chuck.

Sloppy's Downtown Zydeco Brunch 2


Why Zydeco Brunch?

Bret would take Amanda to Café Des Amis in Breaux Bridge, LA, for Zydeco Breakfast every year for ten years to celebrate her birthday. When talking about all the ideas they had for the establishment prior to opening, Amanda suggested they do something of the sort. Since breakfast seemed a bit early to serve on Sunday’s, and Lake Charles already had Sunday Brunch offerings, the Stutes’ decided to press on with a Saturday Brunch, and Saturday Zyedco Brunch at Sloppy’s Downtown was born.

Cedryl Ballou & The Zydeco Trendsetters 1
Cedryl Ballou & The Zyedco Trendsetters

Zydeco artist Sean Ardoin performs and handles all the booking for Zydeco Brunch. He brings in artists such as Rusty Metoyer and the Zydeco Krush, Cedryl Ballou & The Zyedco Trendsetters, Step Rideau & the Zydeco Outlaws, and many, many more. Once the music is rolling, the party is going, and Sloppy’s Downtown comes to life with lively zydeco dancing.



Sloppy's Downtown Zydeco Brunch 3

Of course when it comes to food,  there is a specialty menu just for Saturday Zydeco Brunch.

The menu has some classic breakfast staples such as pancakes and bacon & eggs, and also has some menu items complete unique to Sloppy’s Downtown. My personal favorites are the Sloppy Fries w/ egg (I get my egg sunny side up), Shrimp and Grits, Boudin Beignets, and the Crawfish Pot Pie! Check them out for yourself:

Sloppy Friest with Egg, Sloppy's Downtown
Sloppy Fries With Egg: half order – house fries, fried poblano peppers, queso fresco, neuske’s bacon, spicy sauces, with an over-easy egg

Shrimp and Grits Sloppy's Downtown

Shrimp and Grits: blackened shrimp, cheese grits, steens syrup gastrique, pie-yow sauce

Boudin Beignets, Sloppy's Downtown
Boudin Beignets: beignets stuffed with cheesy boudin, deep-fried, topped with powdered sugar
Crawfish Pot Pie, Sloppy's Downtown
Crawfish Pot Pie: crawfish and shrimp sautee, red peppercorn cream sauce, stuffed house bread – topped with two fried eggs and remoulade

I’ve almost eaten my way through the entire Zydeco brunch menu and I have yet to be disappointed. Every offering has it’s own unique flavoring and creative plating. Even something as simple as grits is noteworthy.

Brunching at Sloppy’s Downtown is an experience you must have at least once, especially if The Chuck is your home. The food is delicious, the live music and dancing is entertaining, and the people are amazing.


The owners of Sloppy’s Downtown are huge advocates of art and localism. All local artists are invited to bring their art to not only help decorate the space, but to sell for 100% commission.

Sloppy's Downtown 3


“It helps us by having beautiful art on the walls thanks to local artists…if anybody out there is interested, we have plenty of wall space.” – Amanda Stutes


Sloppy's Downtown 2

Sloppy’s Downtown is where you can find something going on Tuesday – Sunday of any week, as well as always enjoy delicious food and drinks. Make sure you’re following Sloppy’s Downtown on Facebook to stay up to date with all of their upcoming events.

Check out my exclusive interview with co-owner Amanda Stutes here:


Shalin's 10 Cents


329 Broad St, Lake Charles, LA 70601

(337) 602 – 6365

Cheers to supporting local!


All pictures taken by me, Shalin Townsend. If reusing, please credit the photos to me. Thanks!

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