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Living Lake Charles: Chuck Fest 2017

The annual Chuck Fest is a free event that brings local musicians, eateries, and artists together. Featuring Paul’s Rib Shack Barbecue, Andra Gustin Art, and Eavy’s Incredible Edibles, here’s what I captured during my time at the Chuck Fest, found only in Lake Charles, LA.

The 4th Annual Chuck Fest was held Saturday, October 21, 2017 from Noon – ‘Til in Downtown Lake Charles, LA. Besides this event bringing local musicians, eateries, and artists together, it’s even more awesome because its free to attend. Yes, FREE.

IMG_7792 (3)

For the Love of The Chuck

“Chuck Fest began half a decade ago as an idea in Dave Evans’ mind, of a festival in downtown Lake Charles featuring his favorite things; food, music, and art…

Dave’s idea has grown into the most highly anticipated annual event in the region!

In our 4th year, we’re estimating 12,500 people in attendance – our largest turnout yet! Join us October 21st from Noon-’til and experience the best of Southwest Louisiana! Food, art, 5 stages of live music, and much more will be waiting for you in beautiful, historic, downtown Lake Charles!” –

Even though my schedule was a bit crazy due to engineering things (I’m a full time civil engineer, FYI, lol), I still managed to find a couple of hours to spend at Chuck Fest 2017. Check out what I captured through my eyes during the time I spent there!

(P.S. – All clickable links are in pink.)

Arts & Vendors

Andra Gustin Art

While walking around I came across Andra creating some live art and fell in love with her creations! I was excited to talk with her about what fuels her passion for her art.

andra gustin art (3).JPG

“It’s really a release for me, like the best kind of therapy. It makes me really happy to paint, especially the Anthromorphics. They are so fun and wonderfully weird. It’s like impossible for me to paint them and not have a smile on my face. I started playing with my Moms paints as a kid – she paints landscapes – and in college it just grew to something I really needed to do to express myself. It helped me through some tough times.” – Andra Gustin

Other Participating Artists & Vendors:

merch booth.JPG
Merch Booth

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I am always for a food round up! Chuck Fest had a food truck area, and a food court area for booth setups. Downtown restaurant establishments also participated in the festivities.

Paul’s Rib Shack Barbecue

John O’Donnell’s article in September 2017 issue of Thrive Magazine about Paul’s Rib Shack Barbecue (check it out here on page 6: The Bishop of Barbecue) made me curious, so I decided to stop by his food truck for a bite to eat.  I had brisket and beans and it lived up to every word in that article.

pauls rib shack (5).JPG

It was delicious! The meat was super tender, and the beans were full of flavor. Everyone ate up the mac-n-cheese before I got there, so I’m going to have to visit Paul again sometime to try some for myself. (If you know me, you know I can eat mac-n-cheese 3 times a day.)


Eavy’s Incredible Edibles

When I came across Eavy’s Incredible Edible’s booth, of course the poop brownie caught my eye first. I asked the gentleman sitting at the booth if that was a poop brownie. He said, “Yes ma’am it is.” Then the fine lady sitting with him said, “Well actually it’s a sh*t brownie to gift people who think their sh*t don’t stank.”

Y’ALL. I was TOO OUT DONE. How neat is that LOL!!!

eavys treats (3).JPG

I’d just missed meeting Mrs. Eavy herself, so I knew I had to call and chat with her.

During our phone conversation, I learned that Eavy began her business in 2009 as a means to create a sustainable and flexible job for herself. This was a necessity for her because she was taking care of her four grandchildren, one of whom is autistic. Outside of that, though, she really wanted to leave a legacy for her grandchildren and show the that they can do anything their hearts desire.

“You’re not in the world for yourself, but instead, you are here to answer others problems. Ask, ‘What can I do to help?'” – Eavy (Eavy’s Incredible Edibles)

Mrs. Eavy deeply thanks her mother for being “her rock”, her support, and for always being there through tough times.

Make sure to check out Eavy’s Incredible Edibles for yourself. She makes edible arrangements, chocolate shoes that can be filled with anything from chocolate to pralines, and other various treats.

“Call me, tell me your vision, and I can put it together.” – Eavy

Other participating food trucks and eateries:

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I only had time to watch some of one set. Local band Inner Gee was playing. Coincidentally, I’d already seen these guys perform before at the Labor Day Reggae Fest held at Rikenjacks Brewing Company earlier this year. I had so much fun watching them perform at the reggae fest! They were full of energy and positive vibes, and once again, they didn’t disappoint.


Full lineup:


This was my first year attending Chuck Fest (yes, I know I know, sad face), but I know I will be a repeat offender. From what I experienced during the short time I had available, Chuck Fest was an awesome community event. I think it’s amazing that attendance is free! Judging from the consensus, Chuck Fest has consistently improved every year. I’m already excited to attend Chuck Fest 2018!

337 mag.JPG
337 Magazine Booth

Since it’s going to be the 5th birthday of the event, I’m sensing something special brewing.

Chuck Fest 2018, where y’at?!

With Love for The Chuck,




All pictures taken by me unless otherwise stated. Please credit me if using the pictures.

If you were a participating artist, vendor, or eatery that was not listed in this article,  just let me know and I’ll update the article. The listing featured here is what I wrote down during the time I visited the event.




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