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Product Review: Pantene Pro-V Gold Series

I received a Pantene Pro-V Gold Series VoxBox complimentary from Influenster in exchange for my honest review. Spoiler Alert: I was thoroughly unimpressed.

I received the Pantene Pro-V Gold Series for free in an Influenster VoxBox to provide my honest review.

The Pantene Pro-V Gold Series Collection targets African-American relaxed, transitioning, or natural hair, and was even co-created with African-American scientist and stylist. According to Pantene, this “collection is powered by Pro-V nutrient blends, and protective condition and repair agents formulated to work together to improve moisture strength, elasticity, smoothness and shine.”

First Impression

When I opened the package, I got hit with an awesome scent. One thing for sure is that this product smells amazing! Each item says that the product is infused with argan oil and is for dry, damaged hair. I check the ingredients label, and unfortunately there’s not much argan oil in each product. At first look, I’m already disappointed with the shampoo because it is not sulfate free because sulfate is drying to my hair. The conditioner and butter-crème, however, are both sulfate free. To put these products to the test, I’m going to my typical wash day routine of shampoo, condition, and wash-n-go style. Since the line boosts that products will provide 72 hours of moisture, I will not be adding any extra moisture such as curl refreshers to my hair for three days.



The Results

Moisture Boost Shampoo

The shampoo had an awesome lather and smelled wonderful.



As expected, the shampoo may have cleansed my scalp, but it completely dried my hair out in the process. After rinsing the shampoo out, my hair texture was not soft like it usually is, and I even felt as if my hair was more tangled than when I began my wash day process.



Moisture Boost Conditioner

I used more than half of the bottle of conditioner to soften my hair for appropriate detangling. If the shampoo hadn’t been so drying, this probably would not have been necessary.



Regardless, I found that the conditioner did not provide enough slip for me to fully detangle my hair.
1E6A1030.JPGYes, I realize I have a crazed look in my “after conditioner” picture. Please embrace it in all it’s glory LOL.

Hydrating Butter-Crème

Since a wash-n-go is my go-to style, I decided to use the butter-crème as my styler in the same manner as I use other stylers for my weekly wash-n-go’s.



It provided me with great day-one hair, however, it did not hold my curl pattern or lock in moisture. I was completely unimpressed with my day-two hair. My wash-n-go styles typically last me six days, with the seventh day being wash day.



Below are pictures from after I added moisture (water and curl refresher) to my hair. It was still very dry, and later that day I ended up deep conditioning my hair.




Bottom Line

I will not be purchasing products from the Pantene Pro-V Gold Series. I really wanted to love this product, but for me, it fell short on too many notes. My hair was left dry and brittle, and I ended up having to give my hair a DIY deep condition treatment mid-week. Pantene’s Pro-V Gold Series did not compare to the moisture and style longevity I received from other products in the same price range (even if they also contained sulfates!). I’ve even gotten better results from other Pantene product lines. Disappointingly, this product line gets a 3 out of 10 for me.

Have you tried any Pantene Pro-V Gold Series products? What were your results like? Let me know in the comment section 🙂 .






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