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Product Review: Alikay Naturals “Wake Me Up” Curl Refresher

I know I’m not the only Naturalista out there that’s woken up with a stiff head of hair after a long night of beauty sleep. I decided to try Alikay Naturals Wake Me Up Curl Refresher to see if it could zap some life back into my curlies. Read on for my 10 cents on this product!

This is my straight-forward, honest review of the “Wake Me Up” Curl Refresher by Alikay Naturals:

The Wake Me Up Curl Refresher contains natural and organic ingredients such as wheat germ oil, pomegranate oil, and sweet almond oil. According to, this product is meant to “define and refresh your curls with a boost of moisture and lovely mango scent, all in one easy step.” This product targets Kinky, Curly, and Wavy hair types. I purchased my 8oz bottle of the curl refresher at Target for $12.99. If you’re wanting a smaller size to sample, a 5oz bottle is available at for $5.99.

20170703_142247 (2)

Before I applied the curl refresher, my hair was stiff and very dry. After, it was softened and moisturized – exactly what I wanted. It was a bonus that I ended up getting 3 more days from my wash-n-go.

2017-07-03_09.45.40 (2)
From crazy morning hair to a revived wash-n-go style.

Pros 🙂

Smells terrific! I love the bold tropical scent.

The varying oils. I especially appreciate the wheat germ oil because it helps to combat dryness!

Thicker formula than most “curl refreshers” which, in my opinion, makes for a better moisturizer.

The shine and moisture added from this product lasts a few days – there was no need for me to reapply the next day.

Added bounce and volume. Stiff hair was softened and given back some life.

Lightweight. Due to it being thicker than other refreshers I’ve tried, I expected it to be a little heavy on my curls, so it was “refreshing” that it turned out to be the opposite and produced no excess buildup.


Cons 😦

Lost some definition. It didn’t re-clump curls as good as I’d hoped, but I didn’t mind too much because I’ve been wanting more volume, and it gave me that. Side note: The bottle does give a hair tip to dampen hair first with a water bottle if you have thicker hair for better results. I didn’t do this, but when I do, I’ll update this post!

Not an easy spray. The bottle produces a straight shot of the product instead of a “spritz”, so hopefully your aim is better than mine. Halfway through, I quit trying to spray the product directly onto my hair and used my hands for application instead.

Does not last long enough. I’ve only used this product twice and am already halfway through the bottle.

2017-07-03_09.46.49 (2)

Bottom Line

The “Wake Me Up” Curl Refresher gets an 9 out of 10 for a go-to curl refresher that revives curls with added moisture and bounce! Even though the spray bottle annoys me, this is the best curl refresher I’ve used to date. Since they offer a gallon size of it online, ya gurl might just go ahead and buy that and put it in her own spray bottle LOL.

This is the first Alikay Naturals product that I’ve used. I’m totally looking forward to trying much more from this brand! Tried or going to try this product? Let me know how it works for you!


Wake those curlies up!





P.S. –  I wasn’t paid for this review.cropped-logo.png


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