June 2017 Lookbook

I took these pictures the last weekend of May 2017. I wasn’t going to share all of these, but the other day I had an important conversation with myself. It went something like this:


Me: *scrolling through the pictures* some of these are really cute… but I don’t know if I want to show these to everyone.

Self: *eyes rolling* gurrrl, why not? You’re cute and you know it.

Me: Ugh, stop. I’m just not sure –

Self: NOT SURE…of what? What people will say? Or what you think they might say? Don’t you remember Mom telling you to let other peoples comments roll off your back or whatever? And Dad saying…well, he was a little more profound than that LOL.

Me: LOL, yeah you’re right. Well I guess I’ll pick a –

Self: *dramatic eye rolling* PICK A FEW? Now you know you didn’t beat your face and get those curls popping just to “pick a few”. You better share these pictures for yourself. Do it for you girl!

Me: You are so right. I’m doing this for me.


Basically, I’ve been working towards a “new”, healthier body. While in college, I gained a lot of weight due to bad eating habits and stress. Now I’m on a mission to find the balance between eating healthier, staying positive, and having a body I’m in love with. Key words: I AM, in love with. Don’t ever try transforming yourself to make someone else happy.

REMINDER: Do it for you. Do it all for you. You are a rockstar.

Here’s me.



T-Shirt: Forever 21, $8.90

Shorts: Forever 21, $12.90

Sandals: Marshalls, $34.99




Jumpsuit: Old Navy, $39.94 (Now only available in black or floral.)

Sandals: Teva, $76.99 (I got these on sale during Christmas season a couple years ago.  I think I may have paid about $50. I absolutely love these sandals, they go everywhere with me LOL.)


Love yourself,



[Photo-cred: Director Fresh]


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